How to create a hyperlink in Html

How to add link on a text in html

A hyperlink is an important part for any website’s user to communicate with the website’s pages. If you are finding the best solution to create a hyperlink in HTML page so you are at the right place.

To create a hyperlink use an <a> tag in html, which is used to define the links. A <a> tag has href attribute that is the most important attribute in <a> element, which indicates the link’s destination.

By default, the linked page will be displayed in the current browser window. A <a> tag has may attribute to specify another target for the link. See the list of attribute:-

  • href=””
  • target=”_blank”
  • target=”_self”
  • target=”_top”
  • target=”_parent”

How to use <a> tag

Add a hyperlink in html with the help of <a href=””> text.. </a>

For Example:

 <a href=""> Visit Website </a> 

We can use other attributes with <a> tag

For Example:

<a href="" target= "_blank"> Visit Website </a>

Find more on how to add link on image.

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